P.S. SreedharanPillai, a multi Splendored genius and an all accepted leader with a difference was born in 1953 at Venmony Village of Alappuzha District, Kerala, India. He is currently serving as the 21st Governor of Mizoram. A Prolific bilingual writer who has authored 125 books in English and Malayalam dealing with Varied topics and areas including law, politics, literature, and poetry. It demonstrates his unalloyed passion for writing and giving expression to his thoughts and experiences.
In Kerala very few among leaders or eminent personalities are more versatile than P.S. SreedharanPillai for the same reason he is unique among them. There is hardly any area where he has not made an indelible mark of accomplishment. It is very difficult to fix him to any particular field where he is at his best, for he is adept at many a walk of life an intellectual usually pursues.
Many things rolled into one, he is a successful lawyer ,a former politician, an organizer par excellence, an orator, a prolific writter, a philanthropist and a thinker. A suave and sophisticated communicator, he used to be a regular participant in TV channels before he took up the gubernatorial position.

The eminent personalities like Jnanapith Awardee M.T.Vasudevan Nair, C.Radhakrishnan - winner of the Moorthidevi award the Jnanapith trust, late M.P.Veerendrakumar - winner of Moorthidevi award of Jnanapith trust and former central Minister, Llegendary Justice V.R.Krishna Iyer, Justice Cyriac joseph, -former Judge – Supreme Court of India, Prof.Alfradopasolino, president of writters capital foundation commented about P.S.Sreedharan Pillai and his books as follows:

M.T.Vasudevan Nair

Jnanpith Awarde

Sreedharan Pillai’s poems are singing a lullaby to Mother Nature- Kaladanam, a poetry collection.


Moorthidevi awardee by the Jnanapith trust

It is no Surprise that this poet worships nature with a deeper conviction, for he knows he is nature itself, phenomenally just enough separate from it to stand a little apart so as to take a close look. This makes his love of Nature as passionate as that of a Shelley, Keats or even Wordsworth and, over and above it, bestows an ethereal quality to it bordering on the ultra - fine sensibility of a Kalidasa.

Veerendra kumar

Moorthidevi awardee by the Jnanapith Trust

P.S.Sreedharan Pillai is a blessed and talented personality. Even though Mr.Pillai is a lawyer, you can find an honest poet and a serious intellectual in him. Mr.Pillai is renowned among the scholars of Kerala not only due to his writing style, but also due to the quality of his creations. He drifts though various domains of life such as poetry, history, economics, politics, culture, sociology and law. He devotes adequate time for writing and reading despite his busy professional and political schedules. There are not many who love reading and writing so much like him.

Legendary justice V.R.Krishna Iyer

Former Supreme Court Judge

Mr.P.S.Sreedharan Pillai is a sound lawyer with an expertise that makes reading edifying and delightful. A busy lawyer has no time to sit down to write a book, an erudite jurist has no mood to bring to hear the leisurely, legal and lazy scholarship to write essays professionally alien to money - making lawyering.
A rare combination of both is found in Mr. Sreedharan Pillai and as a senior lawyer and author of several books I offer my felicitation to Pillai. It would appear that he is a student in search of gems of thought and advocate hunting for quotations to make pungent points in court.
Mr. Pillai is a politician who is well informedabout business , trade and political combat.
Says G.B: Shaw : “He knows nothing. He thinks he knows everything”. That clearly points to a Political Career , Witty remarks generally true have fine exceptions like Pillai. He has kindled stable politics. To be learned is a weakness in politics and illiteracy is a virtue to dare and indulge in reportories absurd and egregious. Pillai is not this brave . I knew him a lawyer who sticks to truth which in the long run pays.

Justice Cyriac Joseph

Former Judge Supreme court of India

Sri Sreedharna Pillai is personally known to me from 2001. During the two decades of acquaintance he impressed me as a successful lawyer, powerful orator, eminent writer, endearing poet and humanist politician. Still, I prefer to describe him as my esteemed and Valued
friend who is a very good human being.
Sri SreedharanPillai is a devout Hindu but he has more admirers in other religious groups. He was a prominent BJP leader but has more friends in other political parties. He is a good leader who “knows, the way, shows they way and goes the way”. The Bible Says that “those who work for peace shall be called the Children of God.”

Sri SreedharanPillaialways worked for peace in the Society and hence, he can be called ‘Gods Own Child.’ It was Dante who said: “The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in a moral crisis .”Sri.SreedharanPillai has always demonstrated that he will not remain neutral in a moral crisis. So his place is not in Hell but in Heaven.

In his latest book “Justice for all, prejudice to None”, the proud Hindu in him trying to understand and appreciate the Culture and Spiritual Values of other religions, especially the Christian Churches which have a strong presence in his home state of Kerala and in the North East States. Through his speeches and articles in this book, Sri.SreedharanPillai has endeavored to promote the constitutional goal of securing justice - Social, economic and political - to all Citizens.

According to Article 51A of the Constitution, it is the fundamental duty of a citizen to abide by the Constitution and respect it deals. Sri Sreedharan Pillai has thus proved to be a good and responsible Citizen.

Prof. Alfredo Pasolino

President writers Capital Foundation, Italy Poet and Critic.

I have seen an ardent devotee of Indian Culture. Since the days I visited India. Since then I have been reading the works of Tulsi Das, Kabirdas, Sri Aurobindo, and Rabindranath Tagore the experiences of which I cherish even today. I must say that, the expression that I found in SreedharanPillai was similar to that of those where I could see the beauty and profundity meets to provide the reader with rather a mystic experience.

While the works remind us of the timeless works of Wordsworth and Keats, the depth he tries to bring out is par excellence that could be compared to the philosophy earlier presented by those mystic poets of the East.

I am also surprised to see how he expresses Subtle emotions through written words with an expertise of probably a person who understand human psychology to its best. For a research scholar , this work would provide with ample materials to look deep into various aspects of poetry and I am sure someone would come up with such meaningful endeavor.

As a senior Central Government standing Counsel (Assistant Solicitor General) to the Kerala High Court and as a leading Criminal and Civil lawyer, ShriPillai’ssterling performance has bagged accolades from all quarters. He was also the CBI standing Counsel in the Kerala High Court. In this legal profession spanning four decades, he handled umpteen sensational cases and took them to their logical conclusion. Both the LDF- led by the CPM, and UDF - led by the Congress appointed him as - Special Public Prosecutor in several important cases, even though he was an office - bearer of the BJP in Kerala. For more than two decades, he was the legal consultant for the prestigious Calicut Press Club.

Shri Pillai graduated in Arts from Pandalam NSS College. He was an elected office - bearer of the College Union at NSS College. Later, he pursued his Degree in Law from Calicut Law College, and Completed the course in the year 1978. During his stint at the Law College, he was the college Magazine Editor and the College Magazine of his tenure, which marked protect against the Emergency and the Indira Gandhi Government, was much talked about at that time. In his Second year at the Law College, he was elected as Vice Chairman of the College Union. He was also elected as a Senate Member of the Calicut University, three times consecutively between 1984-1992 from the registered graduates constituency.

He took a plunge into Social activism at a very young age. He had actively participated in the anti-Emergency Campaign as a student activist of Akhila BharatiyaVidyarthiParishad and its state General Secretary from 1977-79

He was a state level leader of the student wing of LokSangharshaSamiti; and during the 1977 elections, he held the charge of LokThantrikYuvaMorcha’s Kerala State Convenor. Later, he became, active in Bharatiya Janata Party and held several positions and responsibilities in the organization from its inception in 1980. He was tasked with the job of setting up BJP units in hitherto unchartered territories and demographics, including Lakshadweep. Almost the entire population of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep follow Islam and covince the local people of the party’s ideology was no mean task, which ShriPillai managed to accomplish creditably. Acknowledging his ideological and organizatonal acumen and pragmatic political approach, the party nominated him as the President of Kerala State BJP for two stints; first from 2003-2006 and again from 2018-2019.

A Columnist of repute who used to occasionally contribute articles to almost all prominent dailies and Magazines.ShriPillai had served as the Managing Editor of the Janmabhumi Daily. He had tried his hand at publishing and turned his business into a successful venture. He encouraged many budding writers by publishing their works without any profit motive through his organization named VIGIL (Regd.). He was elected the youngest President of Calicut Bar Association in 1995. He held several positions, including President of Kerala Book Publishers Association; Advisor of All India Chess Association; Kozhikode District president of All India Kabadi Association and other Sports bodies. Besides he was the founder of VIGIL, a socio - cultured think - tank.

Shri Pillai has won more than 32 awards so far. Recognizing his contribution to Various fields, JJT University in Rajasthan accorded him with D.Litt

Hailing from Venmony Village of Alleppy District, ShriPillai chose to settle down in Kozhikode. His wife K. Reetha is a practising lawyer. His son ArjunSreedhar is a lawyer at the High Court of Kerala and started the profession as Junior to his father. His daughter - in law JipsaArjun is a post graduate in Paediatric dentistry and is practicing at Calicut. His daughter AryaArun is a post graduate in Dental Science and is practicing in Cochin, while her husband Arun Krishna Dhan is also a lawyer in High Court of Kerala and started his career as Junior to his father - in - law.

On November 5, 2019, Shri P.S. SreedharanPillai was sworn in as the 21st Governor of the State of Mizoram. AjaiLamba, Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court administered the Oath of Office to ShriPillai at the swearing - in ceremony in Raj Bhavan, Aizawl.